Why No Second Kid Right Now

Avery was the best thing that has ever happened to Josh and I. And after we got married many people asked when we would be having baby number 2. The answer is not right now. We are enjoying this special time with Avery and as a family of 3. If it’s God’s plan for us to have another baby it’ll be in his timing. We are very excited to eventually have another baby and go through all the fun stages again. And we know Avery will make the best big sister! Until then we are very happy where we are right now. We are saving for the future, which if having another baby is in the future we will need to have savings! Josh says that he always wants to make sure our kids have everything they need and get spoiled sometimes so in order to do that for all the kids we will have we need to be saving now. Josh, Avery and I are like the three musketeers. We love being silly, laughing, and going on adventures together. Josh and Avery have a special bond just like Avery and I have a special bond. We will know when it’s time to have another baby but we don’t feel like it’s right now. Avery takes up most of our day and we love making everything we do as fun as we can for her. Seeing her smile so many times in a day makes all the work we do worth it. Things change when you have 2 kids so we are soaking in having an only child for as long as we do. We are also considering getting a puppy next year so we will take on that and then see when we want to have a baby. Unless God has something else in mind of course. We can plan until we are blue in the face but when it comes to God’s plans ours go out the window and we are okay with that. So there you have it! Our answer as to why we aren’t having a second kid right away.

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