Reminding Your Family You Love Them

Making sure Josh and Avery know I love them is my number 1 goal every single day. I always want to make sure they know they are the most special people in the world. They deserve everything and more and I try my best to always make them feel as special as they are to me. For Josh making him feel loved is easy. I massage him, itch him, and make him yummy snacks. He is pretty simple when it comes to the things that make him feel loved. But I have to be conscious in remembering to do those things. It’s very easy for me after I get Avery to bed to just lay down and watch my show. But I remind myself that I can make my husband feel loved and important while I catch up on my shows. Because Avery takes up so much of my time, to keep a healthy marriage I make sure to pamper my husband when I can. He also loves little gifts that I put on his pillow sometimes and when I watch videos on YouTube with him. Like I’ve put his favorite candies, a sweet note, or one time I got him the movie southpaw and put that on his pillow. Or I’ll lay down with him and watch videos and that makes him really happy. Making Avery feel loved is also pretty easy. She loves when I’m paying attention to things that she’s interested in just like Josh. To make her feel special I’ll do big things like let her chose whatever she wants to do today and let that be her day or small things like letting her pick out her jammies. Both of those things make her feel special and important. I’ll also make her a special breakfast, read as many books as she wants, play doctor 100 times, watch bubble guppies with her, and take the time to listen to her and hear what she has to say. Her feelings are so important to me so when I know she feels loved and happy, my heart is full. It is easy to take for granted what an amazing husband and wonderful daughter I have when life gets busy but I always remember that without them nothing else matters. One of the biggest jobs I have is making my family feel as special and loved as they are to me.
I think it’s easy for me to make Josh and Avery feel loved because the amount of love I have for them is overflowing. Making them happy makes me the happiest wife and mother in the world! So never, ever, ever forget how much your love means to your family. And always continue to remind them of that love!

One thought on “Reminding Your Family You Love Them

  1. Marriage is like a dance. Both dancers must hear the music, and to make a beautiful
    dance each much learn to hear and dance the style of music that both enjoy. Over our 60 years the tune has changed and varies sometimes from day to day.

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