Favorite Me Time Things

Having alone time with myself and not having to get things done is pretty rare but when I do have it I cherish it! I absolutely love that Avery is my little side kick and I do everything with her but every once in awhile having time all to myself is much needed. After recently having a whole naptime with nothing to do but relax it got me thinking about what my favorite me time things to do are. So I thought I would share them with all of you!
1. Taking a shower/bath. Being able to take my time washing my hair and even having enough time to shave my legs is wonderful! Don’t get me wrong I love when Avery plays in the bathroom while I take a shower and constantly want me to kiss her through the glass! But it is nice to be able to get all cozy and warm with a hot bath or shower and take my time.
2. Doing my nails. Even if it’s just cutting them and putting a clear coat on! Something about having clean looking nails makes me happy. And I make sure to do 1 hand at a time in case my quiet time is cut short from a little munchkin waiting up early from her nap. (That’s from experience!)
3. Making lists. For some reason making lists and planning things out calms me. I make lists for anything and everything! Grocery list for next week? Check! Things left to get for Christmas? Check! All of Avery’s firsts? Check! And I had our packing list probably 2 weeks before we went on a trip to New York. Josh jokes around and says I pack for a trip a week before and leave him nothing to wear in the mean time but I am not one to wait until the last minute especially packing for a toddler!
4. Watching a movie or show. Josh and I have several shows we watch a week because that’s our time to unwind and relax and we love it! I got all excited with Christmas coming soon I went ahead and recorded tons of Christmas movies! Whenever I get all my things done and I am able to relax while Avery is napping it’s so nice to cuddle up with my favorite fuzzy blanket and watch a movie!
5. And last but not least… Writing blogs! I love writing out my thoughts and feelings and I hope that people like reading them! I always write with my whole heart and really care what I put on my blog. I want it to be meaningful/helpful/interesting to the people that read it. Plus all the thoughts I have going in my head need to go somewhere!
So there you have it, my 5 favorite me time things to do! What are some of your favorite things to do when you have time to yourself??

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