Why No Second Kid Right Now

Avery was the best thing that has ever happened to Josh and I. And after we got married many people asked when we would be having baby number 2. The answer is not right now. We are enjoying this special time with Avery and as a family of 3. If it’s God’s plan for us to have another baby it’ll be in his timing. We are very excited to eventually have another baby and go through all the fun stages again. And we know Avery will make the best big sister! Until then we are very happy where we are right now. Continue reading

Reminding Your Family You Love Them

Making sure Josh and Avery know I love them is my number 1 goal every single day. I always want to make sure they know they are the most special people in the world. They deserve everything and more and I try my best to always make them feel as special as they are to me. For Josh making him feel loved is easy. I massage him, itch him, and make him yummy snacks. Continue reading

Making Christmas Special

The holiday season is my favorite time of year! The lights, the tree, getting Avery gifts, all our traditions, and spending special time with Josh and Avery! As Avery gets older it gets more and more fun to celebrate holidays with her.


This photo was of Avery last year on Christmas. She was really excited about all the toys she got! This Christmas is going to be no exception! We have lots of special presents for her to open on Christmas morning wrapped and ready to go! I think I’m most excited about Avery seeing her new red trike with a big bow on it. One of our favorite traditions is our advent tree.


Josh made this last year for Avery’s first Christmas. Since she didn’t really understand it last year Josh and I used it to spoil each other with gifts. Now this year Avery loves coming downstairs in the morning and getting to open a little present. Finding 24 gifts on top of what we get her for Christmas wasn’t easy so some of those gifts are practical like new (blue Avery’s favorite color) forks, letter flash cards, and nemo sippy cup. But she gets so excited about all of them! Another thing we do every year is make Avery a Santa handprint ornament.


Although it reminds me how much my baby is growing! Yesterday we did another one of our Christmas traditions. Baking Christmas desserts!


We made candy cane cookies, funfetti cookies, kisses pies, hot chocolate cookie cups, krumkake, cranberry bliss bars and sugar cookies. After a full day of cooking a foot massage from my wonderful husband was needed! And with Christmas Eve coming soon we have Avery’s Christmas Eve box ready. Each year we will be giving Avery a box on Christmas Eve with new jammies, a few of her favorite snacks and a Christmas movie to watch that night. And then on Christmas morning I get up early to make homemade cinnamon rolls and hash brown casserole. Then it’s stockings, presents and family photo of us in front of the tree in our pjs. Each year Christmas gets more and more special! I love all the fun stuff leading up to Christmas and always remembering the reason for the season!


Favorite Me Time Things

Having alone time with myself and not having to get things done is pretty rare but when I do have it I cherish it! I absolutely love that Avery is my little side kick and I do everything with her but every once in awhile having time all to myself is much needed. After recently having a whole naptime with nothing to do but relax it got me thinking about what my favorite me time things to do are. So I thought I would share them with all of you! Continue reading