Mom and Dad, I think it’s time I move out

Avery decided that it was time to move out of our bed and into her big girl bed. After our baby monitor had a glitch I thought it was a good time to start adjusting Avery to sleep in her crib especially for naps when I am not laying next to her. I was really worried because she used to hate her bed but all of a sudden she loved it and was so excited for nap time! I think it’s mostly because she is obsessed with ruff ruffs (dogs) and we have a huge stuffed dog that was Josh’s that is in her bed. So she gets excited to take the ruff ruff off the bed and sleep in the ruff ruff bed. But whatever the reason is I am very proud of her for sleeping in there! And then all of a sudden I was getting our bed ready for her to sleep in one night and she said ruff ruff bed! At first I was worried because she wakes up at night to nurse and if she was in her bed (which is probably 10 feet away) she wouldn’t know where I was. So we moved her toddler bed up next to our bed and at night when she wakes up I go down there and nurse her. The first night she did amazing! I was worried about her sleeping in her bed at night but I think part of it was me wanting her sleeping next to Josh and I. I loved cuddling her and being able to open my eyes and see my sweet sleeping baby. But one day she decided that she was moving out of our bed and ever since then she has slept in her bed for naps and nights. It’s actually been a really great thing for our family! We all sleep a lot better and now I get to look down to my left and see Avery sleeping in her bed and when I look to my right I see my amazing husband sleeping. And now it’s a treat when we go to trips because Avery gets to sleep in our bed with us. I love that Avery chose when to move to her bed and that it was a very smooth transition. I guess I have to realize that she’s growing up and getting more independent! She continues to make us smile and proud each and every day!

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