Don’t rely on your baby monitor!

Just a  few minutes ago Avery was napping in our bed and I heard her yawn. So I looked down at the baby monitor and she wasn’t moving at all. I thought that was weird so I went upstairs to check on her. When I walked in the room Avery was moving around and I looked down at the baby monitor and it still was on the same photo of Avery sleeping. I tried turning the baby monitor off, changing the volume and moving the camera but it was frozen. It still had this perfectly little photo of Avery sleeping that normally all moms would love to see. But in the case it was terrifing. Avery could have woken up quietly and possibly fell off the bed because the picture on the monitor was frozen. I called Summer Support and they taught me how to reset it but this was enough to really scare me. I now am going to keep the baby monitor on today to see if it freezes again. We have used this for a year and had no trouble until now but I still want to be on the safest side possible. Instead of relying on the monitor I’ll be checking on Avery a lot more and try getting her to sleep in her crib for naps when I’m not in the bed. We were lucky that I got up there before she tried getting off the bed. God has his hand on Avery at all times and I’m so grateful! This was very scary for me and I want all moms to know this so that they don’t put all their trust in their baby monitors because they can at times make mistakes. Please don’t rely as much on your baby monitor as you think you can. That is a lesson that I learned today.

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