Our Reality


When you start off marriage with a child things are a lot different. There is still romance but you have to take in account that there is a little human that depends on you too. During our wedding reception we had Avery in a high chair in the middle of us and I was feeding her dinner as I was eating. Having a sippy cup on the Bride and Groom table doesn’t normally happen at weddings but that’s our reality. The night of our wedding we had to come home because Avery wasn’t falling back to sleep and she needed me. Luckily we were only about 3 miles away and we had no problem coming home because we knew Avery needed us. Starting marriage off with Avery we had to give up some of the normal married things but she has made things absolutely wonderful! We won’t be going on an actual honeymoon until we can afford it and Avery does ok during the night without us. Sleeping is also something that is much different for us than other couples that just got married. Avery sleeps in the middle of the bed (our bed is high and I want to make sure she is safe). There are tons of pillows on the bed and usually because Josh and Avery are such movers they wake up in a different position then when they fell asleep. Our date nights happen but they aren’t as often as some peoples. We love our one on one time but we truly love having family time with the 3 of us. That doesn’t mean that we never go on dates, we love going out together. But especially during the week we would rather spend family time and then cuddle up and watch a show together after Avery goes to bed. There is a balance of our time just the 2 of us and our time as a family. Both is needed for a healthy relationship. Our reality is much different having Avery going into our marriage but I think she adds to how great our marriage is. We show her how much we love each other and I think that’s one of the greatest things you could do for your child. Avery brings out a special and funny side to Josh and I. The way Josh is with Avery makes me love him that much more. I know that without Avery we wouldn’t be complete. We sacrifice for her daily and we want to do all that we can for her. Having Avery and being married is the best! This year the holidays are going to be that much more special because we are finally a family with the same last name! (I still practice signing Willis because it’s so fun!). We get to make every moment magical and memorable for Avery while also having our first holiday season together as a married couple. I couldn’t imagine anything better than what we have right now. Sacrificing your first year of marriage alone time with having a toddler jumping on top of you and getting in when you try to kiss your spouse may not be everyone’s first choice but it’s ours. This is our reality.  We love it, cherish it and soak it all up!

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