“A Day in the Life”

I love reading about other people’s lives and their daily routine so I decided to write out our everyday things so that you could see what our life is like. I have weekly things I do like Monday’s are deep cleaning on the house, Tuesday’s are yard work and laundry, Wednesday’s are grocery shopping every other week, Thursday’s are cleaning the car out, Saturday nights are my blog nights, and Sunday’s are my days to get ready for the week ahead. This month Josh is going out of town every Thursday- Sunday so we try and make the days we do have together special. (I will be happy when this month comes to an end and I have my husband home more often!)   Continue reading


Marry your best friend!

Ladies marry your best friend!! It is the smartest choice I ever made. It makes marriage and loving your husband so much better and easier!  Your husband needs to be that person you want to tell everything to, someone that can make you laugh more than anyone else and someone who’s needs you care about more than your own. I am constantly making sure that Josh is taken care of and all his needs are met because I think of his needs before mine. I show Josh I love him in many ways but most of all by taking care of him. He’s my best friend and I love him more than anything. I always love going shopping with him and asking his opinion on my outfits because to me his opinion is the only one that matters. Continue reading