No “D” word in our house

Josh and I have chosen to never talk about “D” (divorce) or say that word. We don’t want Avery used to the word or ever think that it’s something that could happen to mommy and daddy. We believe that once we are married we are married for life. When we said our vows we really meant them. We even have our vows written out and framed with a wedding photo of us in our living room upstairs so that we always remember the promises we made. Josh and I both came from divorced parents and we never want Avery to be in that same position. It impacts a child in a huge way and we know we would never do that to her. We want her to always know that we love each other and are happily married. We didn’t get married because we had Avery, we got married because we love each other and we wanted to make that commitment to one another. That was one of the best decisions we ever made and our wedding day was one of the happiest days of our lives. We promised to each other that we would put 100% into our marriage and never threaten or consider D. Sometimes when couples get into bad fights they throw that word around but that’s something that Josh and I will never do. We are careful with the words we say to each other because words are very impactful. We want to uplift each other and be each others biggest supporters. When we do disagree we still always remember to be careful with our words. We will never get divorced or threaten it. Every marriage goes through ups and downs eventually but it’s the wife and husband’s decision as to how they handle it. For us we know that D would only do damage to ourselves and Avery. I couldn’t live without Josh and he has told me he couldn’t live without me. Knowing that D isn’t ever an option it makes us continue to work harder on our marriage. We want to have the best possible marriage and love each other unconditionally forever and ever. And of course since I am talking about our marriage it’s only appropriate to share one of my all time favorite photos of Josh and I.


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