Washington DC Trip!

Josh was working at the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC so we got the chance to go with him. I was really excited because I have always loved Washington DC. We drove all day Thursday and got there that night. Friday,Josh was working so Stephanie, Avery and I went out to breakfast and then grocery shopping. Since the house we were staying at didn’t have wifi we spent some of the day at places that did. Saturday morning Avery woke up very early and had a long and hard night the night before. That day we hung out and relaxed. I got this very cute scarf that is also a blanket. Anything that’s cozy and cute gets me excited! Sunday was our touristy day. We went to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The way they have all the animals set up was very cool and Avery really loved it! (All the foxes, wolfs and bears were “ruff ruffs”). Then we walked around the city. Ate at the best Italian restaurant ever called Carmine’s. Saw many must see things in Washington DC including the Washington monument and White House. Then we went to dinner with Josh and Jenny Steele who are old friends of my dad and step mom that live in DC. They have 4 girls and Avery loved all of them! The girls were all so sweet to Avery and watched out for her so much. We had the best time hanging out and talking. They had many stories about my dad because Josh Steele went to high school with my dad. It was cool hearing things about me when I was younger from other people than my parents. Then on Monday we went to IHOP for yummy pancakes and free wifi! Haha. Then after a long time of trying to find our way through the city we went to the zoo. Avery loved the birds the most. We could have taken her to the park and she would have been just as happy haha. We for sure got our workout in especially at the end carrying Avery the whole way back to the car. Then we ended our day with Olive Garden. I’m a sucker for a good bowl of Zuppa Toscana! Tuesday we didn’t want to venture back into the middle of the city so we went to the mall! It’s always fun to buy new clothes for all of us! Then this morning we got all packed up. Stephanie, Avery and I headed home and Josh headed to New York City to work at the New York City Marathon expo. Although I am so excited to be home and sleep in my own bed I already miss my husband like crazy and I am so excited for Sunday to come so I can see him and love on him! The best part of the trip was having lots of family time and having Avery see and experience new things. Our next family adventure is New York after thanksgiving!

image image   image image image image image

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