Traveling with a toddler

Traveling with a toddler is no easy task! It takes a lot of prep and patience! Because of Josh’s job he travels a lot and we have the opportunity to travel with him some. So far with Avery we have flown to Tennessee, flown to California twice, flown to Hawaii, flown to Las Vegas, driven from Washington to Tennessee and we just drove to Washington DC a couple days ago. (She is going to have frequent flyer miles in no time!). Thank goodness she is a great traveler!! Even having done this so many times packing for it always seems to be a huge task. Avery uses so many things daily so trying to pack all of it isn’t realistic. For any mothers that are traveling with young ones remember that while on vacation they probably don’t need all the daily things you think they will need. Avery has a fan going all night for white noise but it’s a little hard to pack it so a great option for other moms that usually use a fan is to get a white noise song to play over and over. There will be plenty to see and do whenever you are going so no need to pack all their favorite toys or a huge stack of books. I know this from experience! Now I pack Avery usually 5 books and I do the thinnest ones that way it saves space. Also I let her pick out a few small toys that she really loves and put them in her purse. That way all her toys are in one place and she can take them while we are out and about. Also if you are a clean freak like me then disposable adhesive placemats will be your best friend! We go out to eat a lot when we are traveling and I don’t want to have to bring Avery’s high chair everywhere so I just keep her high chair cover and those placemats in the car ready for whatever restaurant we are going to. Another thing to remember is if there is a washer and dryer where you are going, use it!! Don’t pack 10 outfits for a 10 day trip if you have a washer and dryer available. For Josh, Avery, and I we had about 4 outfits for our 7 day trip because we knew we could wash clothes. And if you don’t have a washer or dryer then pack as light as possible. If you have a sweater that’s fine wearing for 2 days do it! And make sure that your whole family wears the bulkiest things the day you are traveling so that you have more room in your suitcase. I use disposable diapers when we are traveling and it’s so nice to have that extra space packing up to go home where her diapers were because we always seem to buy things whenever we are traveling. If you are traveling on a long flight it’s best to set out a few toys for the trip there and a few for the trip home so that its new and exciting. I go to target and the dollar store and pick up a few things I think Avery would like and I always make sure to have stickers, paper and crayons because this often keeps her busy for awhile. Another life saving thing we have is Avery’s IPad. It has tons of games, silly photos of us, and episodes of Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Bubble Guppies. This is perfect for when she wants to relax and drift off to sleep. I usually will start my packing process a several days before we leave because I want to be as organized and prepared as possible. I first start off by gathering up all the things I think I’ll need on the trip. Then I take away what I can live without for a little while. Then I set out outfits for all 3 of us and try to mix and match as much as possible. Then I pack the things that I have to have in the suitcase and if I have room for other things that I wanted to bring then that’s great! I also plan on buying Avery’s snacks and food when we get to our destination but I make sure to pack all of her favorites in the diaper bag. I always pack goldfish, graham crackers, the squeezable fruit pouches and the spoon that attaches to it, string cheese when I bring my little foldable cooler, and of course suckers always help when we are traveling! My packing process and getting ready to travel with a toddler isn’t perfect but if you found this blog helpful let me know! In the next several months we will be traveling a lot and I’ll probably have new things to share with all of you if this blog was found helpful. And remember it’s a trip not forever so you don’t need to pack everything your kids use in the house! I love getting ready for a trip and traveling with Avery because she is getting to see so much of the world and learn so many new things!



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