It’s Fall Y’all!

Fall has finally come and we are taking it all in! We have the house all decorated (I even have have my centerpiece for thanksgiving all set up), cinnamon pumpkin candle burning, homemade zuppa Toscana soup made, pumpkin cookies decorated with the help of Avery and we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday! The weather has been very funny lately. It’ll be cold, rainy and foggy in the morning but then it’ll be the afternoon and the sun will come out and it’ll be in the mid 70s. Those sunny afternoons are perfect for going to the pumpkin patch though. I had the great idea of leaving during Avery’s nap time because the pumpkin patch was an hour away and I thought she would sleep and then wake up as soon as we got there but instead she stayed awake the whole drive there. Thankfully we have an amazing and always happy daughter that was so good you would have never guessed she didn’t have a nap. Avery loved the petting zoo, riding the tricycles, the hayride and most of all seeing all the people and waving to them. Avery is so friendly when it comes to seeing new people especially kids! She gets a little hesitant around guys but we are fine with that and hoping it stays that way! After picking out a daddy pumpkin, mommy pumpkin and baby pumpkin we headed home. Of course now Avery falls asleep when it’s closer to her bedtime. When we got home Avery helped me wash the pumpkins and we are starting the process of choosing how to decorate them. I went to carve out the inside of my pumpkin to then realize that my skin is allergic to pumpkin. I broke out in a rash on my hands and arms and it stopped right where my arm didn’t go into the pumpkin. So now knowing that we decided to paint our pumpkins. Thankfully they are still super cute! With the busyness of the last few weeks I am soaking in every moment of this family time! I love Fall!!

image 36 image 37 image 38 image 41 image 42 image 43 image 44 image 39 image 45 image 46 image 40

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