“A Day in the Life”

I love reading about other people’s lives and their daily routine so I decided to write out our everyday things so that you could see what our life is like. I have weekly things I do like Monday’s are deep cleaning on the house, Tuesday’s are yard work and laundry, Wednesday’s are grocery shopping every other week, Thursday’s are cleaning the car out, Saturday nights are my blog nights, and Sunday’s are my days to get ready for the week ahead. This month Josh is going out of town every Thursday- Sunday so we try and make the days we do have together special. (I will be happy when this month comes to an end and I have my husband home more often!)  We love just hanging out with each other and being silly all the time. We are home most of the week unless we have grocery shopping, errands or appointments. But just because we are at home doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. Our days feel like they go by so fast and by the end of the night we are all exhausted. This is what our normal day looks like: (and in between everything are silly moments, singing, kisses, hugs, and smiles).

8:00am – We wake up and go down stairs to make breakfast.

8:30am – We eat breakfast, watch bubble guppies and I get started on some work things.

9:30am – We tidy up the house and Avery runs around me while I do my workout.

10:30am – We go upstairs to play with some toys and usually wash the cloth diapers.

12:00pm – Its naptime for Avery so we change her diaper, say goodnight to daddy and then go into our room to nurse her.

12:30pm – I make lunch for Josh and I and work on some Social Media consulting things.

2:00pm – Avery wakes up from her nap and eats some food.

2:30pm – We go outside to water the plants and check the mail.

2:45pm – We spend some family time and play with toys.

4:00pm – I work on some more Social Media consulting stuff while Avery reads books and plays with toys.

5:00pm – I start to make dinner and then we eat together.

6:00pm – We clean up dinner and go upstairs to read some books and give Avery massages.

7:00pm – Avery gets a bath and gets ready for bed.

8:00pm – Avery is asleep and it’s time to make a late night snack for Josh and I (usually its crackers and some kind of sweet treat J )

8:20pm – Josh and I spend some time together watching shows, playing video games, Josh itches my head and I massage him.

10:00pm – I go to bed to get ready for another great day!

So there you go, there is a day in our house! We love every moment of our days together and we look forward to many more memories!

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