Marry your best friend!

Ladies marry your best friend!! It is the smartest choice I ever made. It makes marriage and loving your husband so much better and easier!  Your husband needs to be that person you want to tell everything to, someone that can make you laugh more than anyone else and someone who’s needs you care about more than your own. I am constantly making sure that Josh is taken care of and all his needs are met because I think of his needs before mine. I show Josh I love him in many ways but most of all by taking care of him. He’s my best friend and I love him more than anything. I always love going shopping with him and asking his opinion on my outfits because to me his opinion is the only one that matters. We have so much fun together. He gets me to jump off of the dock and go exploring on a little island which I probably wouldn’t do if it wasn’t for him. He watches my chick flicks and is very gracious with me when we would play wiffle ball. We also truly respect each other. I care about Josh’s well-being and I know he cares about mine. We don’t yell at each other but whenever we don’t agree we always work it out. He’s the absolute perfect fit for me. I believe that God makes one special person for us and that’s the person we are meant to be with forever and for me that’s Josh. He has every good quality that I want in a man. He’s the most thoughtful guy I have ever meant. He will randomly say “babe come kiss me!” or come up and hug me or hold me tight. I am a touchy person with him so this is the biggest way he can show me he loves me. He is also the best daddy to Avery. He makes her laugh more than anyone else and she is always so excited to show daddy the things that she can do. He is the smartest guy I have ever met! He is very good at figuring things out and knowing just what to say. He’s also incredible at everything he does! It’s a little unfair 😉 He is a great baseball player, salesman, daddy, husband, friend, hard worker, communicator and most of all he’s the best man in the world to me. I know it’s cheesy to say I fall in love with him more and more every day but it’s true. He amazes me more every day and I fall deeper in love with the man that I met 3 1/2 years ago. He is the same man I fell in love with just more grown up and even better! My best friend is the best husband! I met Josh young but didn’t settle with him, I got blessed with him. Even as I am writing this I have butterflies thinking about my amazing husband who is working so hard for his family in New York this weekend. I am overjoyed to have him and even more excited for him to come home today! Just him being around makes me a million times happier. I can’t ever truly explain the amount of love I have for Josh. I want other girls to feel like this with their husbands so my best advice is to marry your best friend!




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