No “D” word in our house

Josh and I have chosen to never talk about “D” (divorce) or say that word. We don’t want Avery used to the word or ever think that it’s something that could happen to mommy and daddy. We believe that once we are married we are married for life. When we said our vows we really meant them. We even have our vows written out and framed with a wedding photo of us in our living room upstairs so that we always remember the promises we made. Continue reading

Traveling with a toddler

Traveling with a toddler is no easy task! It takes a lot of prep and patience! Because of Josh’s job he travels a lot and we have the opportunity to travel with him some. So far with Avery we have flown to Tennessee, flown to California twice, flown to Hawaii, flown to Las Vegas, driven from Washington to Tennessee and we just drove to Washington DC a couple days ago. (She is going to have frequent flyer miles in no time!).  Continue reading

Liebster Award!

I got nominated for the Liebster Award and I am so grateful and excited! The Liebster Award is to help new bloggers get noticed. Thank you thatnewcrunchymom for nominating me! You are a great mom and such a nice person! So here are the questions that Rebecca asked me:

What is your favorite thing you’ve written? My letters to Avery. I love that she will be able to read them when she gets older and understand how amazing she was as a baby and the things that she could do. I love reading them myself and comparing them to what she can do now.

Who is the person that has inspired/encouraged you the most in your pursuits? Hands down my husband Josh! He believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ben and Jerry’s milk and cookies ice cream. It’s vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate chip cookies!

What is your biggest goal in life? To raise Avery right and have her grow up to be all that God planned for her to be.

What is your biggest regret? I spent a long time on this question because I kept trying to find something that I regret but there isn’t anything that jumps out to me when I think about it. I am extremely blessed and happy with the way that my life has turned out. If I had to pick something I would probably say not joining any sports teams in school. It’s probably not the answer that most people would say but Josh talks all the time about playing baseball and how those were some of his happiness times and I wish that I would have been in sports and could have those great memories.

What are you afraid of? Snakes! Doesn’t matter if it’s a gardener snake or a python. To me all snakes are scary.

What’s your favorite thing to drink? Sweet tea! Hence my blog name 🙂

What is your biggest pet peeve? Chomping gum. If someone is chomping their gum I can’t sit by them because all I can think about is them chomping and it drives me nuts.

Who is your favorite celebrity? Blake Lively. I think she is so gorgeous! She was one of the cutest pregnant girls I had ever seen!

What did you want to be when you grew up? A teacher because I loved kids and learning so much. I used to make my siblings who were all younger than me by a couple years play school and I would always be the teacher giving them assignments haha.

When did you decide to begin blogging? I had been following a few blogs for awhile and wished that I could do something like that and finally I decided I would. So I started my blog June 19th, 2015 and plan on writing blogs for a long time!

Now I nominate:


Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What has been your biggest success so far in life?
  2. What is the biggest struggle day to day for you?
  3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  4. What is your favorite thing to do when you have “me time”?
  5. Why did you start blogging?
  6. Who is your biggest blog inspiration?
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. How did you pick your blog name?
  9. When is your favorite time to blog?
  10. What is your favorite season and why?
  11. What is the best advice you have for new bloggers?

And here are the rules:

  1. Mention and thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions that they asked you.
  3. Nominate small bloggers and add their blog link.
  4. Create 11 new questions for your nominees.
  5. Let your nominees know that they were nominated. (Easiest way is to comment on their blog)

Thank you again Rebecca for the nomination!!

Facts About Me!

I am an 18 year old mother and wife who feels more like a 35 year old woman. I am now a southern girl and praying that I pick up an accent!! I’m not one to spend hours on myself getting ready and thankfully Josh is happy with me in sweats, no make up and natural hair! I feel prettiest after I get out of the shower. I could live off of pastries, breads, cheeses and sweet tea. Continue reading

It’s Fall Y’all!

Fall has finally come and we are taking it all in! We have the house all decorated (I even have have my centerpiece for thanksgiving all set up), cinnamon pumpkin candle burning, homemade zuppa Toscana soup made, pumpkin cookies decorated with the help of Avery and we went to the pumpkin patch yesterday! The weather has been very funny lately. It’ll be cold, rainy and foggy in the morning but then it’ll be the afternoon and the sun will come out and it’ll be in the mid 70s. Those sunny afternoons are perfect for going to the pumpkin patch though. I had the great idea of leaving during Avery’s nap time because the pumpkin patch was an hour away and I thought she would sleep and then wake up as soon as we got there but instead she stayed awake the whole drive there. Continue reading

Enjoying the easy days and the hard days

Last night was a hard night for us. Avery refused to go to bed and it took 2 hours of Josh and I both trying to get her to sleep before it finally happened. As a mom when you can’t get your child to sleep you feel defeated. You feel like you didn’t do your job as a mom and in those moments I get worried that Avery will have nights like this every night but the reality is this happens very rarely. But when it does it is very hard on everyone! Especially Avery because we know she is tired, she just can’t seem to fall asleep. You even start questioning your parenting even after they fall asleep. Continue reading

“A Day in the Life”

I love reading about other people’s lives and their daily routine so I decided to write out our everyday things so that you could see what our life is like. I have weekly things I do like Monday’s are deep cleaning on the house, Tuesday’s are yard work and laundry, Wednesday’s are grocery shopping every other week, Thursday’s are cleaning the car out, Saturday nights are my blog nights, and Sunday’s are my days to get ready for the week ahead. This month Josh is going out of town every Thursday- Sunday so we try and make the days we do have together special. (I will be happy when this month comes to an end and I have my husband home more often!)   Continue reading

Marry your best friend!

Ladies marry your best friend!! It is the smartest choice I ever made. It makes marriage and loving your husband so much better and easier!  Your husband needs to be that person you want to tell everything to, someone that can make you laugh more than anyone else and someone who’s needs you care about more than your own. I am constantly making sure that Josh is taken care of and all his needs are met because I think of his needs before mine. I show Josh I love him in many ways but most of all by taking care of him. He’s my best friend and I love him more than anything. I always love going shopping with him and asking his opinion on my outfits because to me his opinion is the only one that matters. Continue reading