Babies Have Rough Days Too

As a mom you have moments that you wonder what should I do? Am I doing this right? What could I do better? This was me today! Today Avery had been crying off and on and being fussy since the moment she woke up. I have no clue why that is and I hate not being able to understand her. I just wish that she could talk and tell me exactly what she needs. But as a mom I have to do my best to figure it out and tend to her. I have to figure out if she’s hot, emotional, cranky, tired, hungry, hurt, sick or if she doesn’t even know what is wrong. Most of the time I know exactly what is wrong with her and how to fix it but today I felt defeated because I had no clue. I tried everything I could think of and nothing seemed to work. So that resulted in nursing Avery which normally I only do for naps and bedtime but I knew that would calm her down and it did. She fell right to sleep. I would love to say that my cuddles were enough to comfort her but today they weren’t. As a mom I have to remind myself that I can’t possibly meet every single need of Avery’s 24/7. I can’t stop Avery from every fall. I can’t always keep her from getting sick. I am not a super hero, I’m a mom. (Although there are times I feel like moms are super heroes). We all try to do our best to give them everything they need and be the best moms we can be for our little ones. Avery is very sweet with showing me that she loves me and even when she has days like this I know she doesn’t love me any less she is just having a hard day. I for sure have days like that! Josh and Avery always help me through them though. So that is exactly what Josh and I did today. We watched over our baby girl and helped her through her rough day. I held her while she slept all sweaty with her little legs wrapped around me sleeping soundly. I love those extra moments to snuggle her and thank God for what a wonderful baby we have. Instead of days like this making me frustrated, they make me grateful that I have the chance to take care of Avery and show her how much love I have for her. I may not have all the right answers when it comes to parenting but I have a lot of love for my baby and that’s something that I’ll never get wrong.

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