1 1/2 years old Letter to Avery

I love writing letters to Avery! I love pouring my heart out to her in a letter and knowing that later on in life she will be able to read them. I also love writing down everything that she is doing at that time so that I never forget the little things that made up her childhood. I wrote Avery a letter for being 1 1/2 years old and I wanted to share it with all of you so that you can better know our sweet little Avery.

Dear Avery Gracie,

You are already 1 and a half years old and have more personality than ever! You are the sweetest, most thoughtful, and loving little girl all day every day! You almost always listen to mommy and daddy when we tell you to do or to not do something. You are also VERY smart!! You put your clothes in the basket after I change you, you put the garbage in the garbage can when I ask you to, you love sweeping the floor, you even know which white bin mommy puts your water toys in and which one I put your wash rags in even though they look the same. You are always the first one to kiss mommy and daddy in the morning when you wake up. When you wake up you like to watch vines with daddy and you remember what they do in the vines so whenever that certain song comes on you imitate them. We are always amazed at how many you remember! Your favorite things to do with daddy are watching vines, getting massages from him, cuddling, and dancing with him. Daddy on a regular basis askes you if you are happy, you shake your head yes, and mommy’s heart melts! Your favorite things to do with mommy are cleaning the house, going on walks, chasing the birdies and reading books. You are the biggest helper ever. You love cleaning the house with mommy, call daddy downstairs for lunch, putting the groceries away, and anything else I do in the day you want to be right there helping by my side. You love to copy us and do whatever we are doing. We catch you numerous times a day in the bathroom trying to put our deodorant on or pretending to shave your legs like mommy does. You can fully understand everything we say and can communicate what you want even though you don’t say many words. Right now you love to say momma, dada, woah, oh no (while you put your hands over your face), yay (while you bounce up and down), don’t know (while you shrug your shoulders and put your hands up), no no no no (while you shake your finger), and you are trying to say love you but it’s a work in progress. Every time after we say we love you, you kiss us and we absolutely love it! Some of your favorite toys right now are your tool kit, your “ruff ruff” that barks and walks, your magnetic fishy puzzle with the fishing pole and your bouncy ball. Your favorite animals are birds, ducks and dogs (or ruff ruffs). Your favorite ruff ruff is cooper, Papa Jay’s dog. Your favorite things to watch right now are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Special Agent OSO, and Tinker Bell. Your favorite treat is a sucker. Hopefully that will motivate you to want to go potty in the toilet soon! Your favorite foods are bananas, watermelon, strawberries, avocados, toast with almond butter, crackers, applesauce, tilapia, goldfish, mac and cheese, lunch meat, waffles, cheese, and sweet potatoes. Your favorite songs to dance to are “uptown funk” and “see you again”. You are for sure your daddy’s girl when it comes to dancing! Anytime you hear a song you start rocking back and forth and bouncing. And you are also a social butterfly! You love waving and talking to everyone you see. You also want to kiss and hold hands with kids that you meet. (If only you understood the concept of germs at this age haha) Besides your mommy and daddy your favorite person is your Mimi. Whenever she walks in the door you get so excited and don’t ever want to leave her side. You are also a huge squeezer. Whenever we walk with you, you squeeze your legs around us and it’s like a constant hug. You also squeeze super tight for huggies. You are the best hugger and kiss giver ever (besides your daddy of course). You are the most important thing in mommy and daddy’s life and we love you more than you will ever know. You challenge me on a regular basis to be better mommy and a better person. You have shown me unconditional love, patience, grace, and a whole lot of happiness even though you are so young. Mommy and daddy think you are the best little girl in the world and we want you to be the best you possible. We will ALWAYS support you, teach you, help you and love you for the rest of our lives. Always remember that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. Love you Avery Grace!


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