Wedding photos

Well the time has come to share with you all a few of our wedding photos. I wish I could share all 400 of them because they are all so amazing! Our photographer was the best! If you live in the Vancouver, WA area you need to have her take your photos! Her name is Jennifer Short at Camas Photography (she has taken all of our photos for a couple years now). Anyways I hope you all enjoy the photos and for those of you who weren’t there I hope these photos make you feel like you were.

IMG_6088 _R7A9025 _R7A8916

The getting ready photos. I thought I was going to be stressed out getting ready but I was very calm and relaxed! It took me a little bit to do my make up but besides that everything went really well.

_R7A9570 _R7A9568 _R7A9513

Josh’s photos before the wedding. Man I’ve got a good looking husband! (The picture with him and his mom describes their relationship perfect! haha)

_R7A9199 _R7A9396 1R7A9117

My photos before the wedding. My step-mom on the left and mom on the right. And I am in love with the photo of Avery and I!

1R7A9669 1R7A9716 1R7A9746

My dad walking me down the aisle, the kiss and us walking back down the aisle. Josh and I both took a huge deep breath out walking back down and were so happy to be finally married.


Everyone that was at the wedding 🙂 I am so happy our photographer got this photo!

1R7A9855 1R7A9891 _R7A0661

Us signing our marriage certificate, kissing under my veil and my all time favorite photo of us in the grass!

1R7A9952 _R7A0692

Sweet little Avery and us on the golf course.

_R7A0638 _R7A0632 _R7A0624

I LOVE these 3 photos of us. Josh is always being silly and sweet dipping me and hugging on me. I am one lucky girl!!

_R7A0600 _R7A0604 _R7A0593

Our wedding date on our feet and relaxing together.

_R7A0127 _R7A0087 1R7A9597

Our first dance to “Thinking Out Loud” and our yummy candy bar. I ate so much of that candy!

1R7A9591 _R7A0418

The cake cutting. The cupcakes were so good! Josh and I ate some more of them that night at the hotel.

_R7A0445 _R7A0386

The father/daughter dance with my dad and a very touching moment with Josh and his dad. His dad’s speech hit a special spot in Josh and it was something everyone is going to remember. (Ignore my funny face)


Our family 🙂 Yes Avery is in her jammies. We wanted her to be comfortable during the reception so she wore her jammies and her Nike water shoes lol.


And us driving away MARRIED!

Thank you to everyone who made that day so special and memorable. And most of all thank you to my amazing husband for making every day with you as great as our wedding day. Hope you enjoyed the highlights of our wedding!





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