Listening to our children

Why do I take the time to hear out my almost 1 1/2 year old daughter when I can’t understand half of the things she is saying? Because she is a human who needs to be heard and listened to. I listen to my daughters needs and feelings. There are times she doesn’t want to be touched and I respect that. There are times that she wants to walk up the stairs all by herself or there are times she wants to be carried and I respect that too. I don’t spoil my daughter I listen to her and meet her needs. I believe that just because our kids can’t communicate what they are feeling doesn’t mean their feelings don’t matter. Avery has an opinion and I make sure to try and understand it. Sometimes she doesn’t like what mommy has to say and I still make sure that I am the parent but at least she feels acknowledged. When we go on a walk after dinner and she tries to run down the sidewalk Josh picks her up tells her that it is dangerous to run down by herself and says she either needs to hold our hands or walk slow and she listens. She understands everything we say and talking things through is so important to do with kids. I won’t use the saying “I’m the parent that’s why” with Avery because it doesn’t do your child any good. Yes you are the parent but the reason you are doing whatever you are doing is either to protect them, care for them or help them in the long run and they need to know that. Try hearing your children out and explaining to them your answer so that they know that it is out of love. I want to raise a child that is a great listener and communicator so I need to show that to Avery. God trusted Josh and I to raise Avery . We want and need to do the best job that we can. I want Avery to grow up and say she wants her and her husband to be the parents that Josh and I were to her. I want to set the best example that I can for her. The way we parent now has a huge affect on our kids in the future. Let’s raise the best generation!

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