Our Home Reveal!

I finally took photos of the inside of our house! There are still a few little things left to do but I was too excited so I wanted to share it with everyone as soon as I could. Now let me take you through our home tour πŸ™‚

image35 image22 image23 image24

This is our entry and our formal dining room.

image31 image34 image30

This is our kitchen and dining room. (Don’t mind the castle tent, Avery loves it!)

image26 image27

This is our amazing screened in porch to keep us protected from all the bugs at night.

image28 image29 image33

This is our living room and a photo of how we keep the room from being taken over with Avery’s toys. Ottomans with storage is one of the best things ever!

image38 image37

Our decor in the bookcases. My favorite is the bottle of sand that we poured in together at our wedding to symbolize our unity.

image36 image20

This is our loft area where Avery colors and plays when I work at my desk.

image2 image1

This is our guest room. All set up and ready for our out of town visitors!

image3 image4 image6 image5

This is our laundry room (with a folding station!) and Avery’s bathroom/ the guest bathroom.

image7 image8

This is our other guest room and Josh’s den.

image10 image11 image9

This is Avery’s room and closet. We still need to put up her tree wall decal and you will notice that she is missing her crib. That is because it is in our room with hopes that it will help her to transition out of our bed smoother. Fingers crossed!

image17 image19 image18

This is our room and Avery’s little set up in our nook.

image15 image16 image12 image13 image14

This is our bathroom and closet. Yes Josh has as many clothes as I do. Β And that is our house! We love it so much and I hope you do too. Text Josh or me (I have a new number) if you want to come and visit! πŸ™‚





7 thoughts on “Our Home Reveal!

  1. So jealous, your home is gorgeous! I know britt is moving up there in october, I was planning on visiting her and would LOVE to stop by and have Jax and avery meet!! Would be good to see Josh again too and finally meet you!

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