10 Wishes for Avery

My 10 Wishes for Avery are:

  1. She always follows God’s plan for her.
  2. She uses her soft and sweet heart to do great things.
  3. She finds a husband just like her daddy.
  4. She never forgets how much daddy and I love her and how much we will do for her.
  5. She finds the gift God has given her and uses it to please him.
  6. She never gets afraid of what the future holds.
  7. She always lets her mommy and daddy love on her.
  8. She is confident and knows who she is.
  9. She always chases her dreams.
  10. And last but not least she loves God with all her heart.

Sometimes I wish that I could give Avery the world but since I can’t I pray for her. I pray for Avery multiple times a day. Praying for your kids is so important because God can take better care of them than we ever could. God says ask and you shall receive. I ask God to continue to protect Avery and always give her a sweet heart. And he has for sure made Avery the sweetest toddler ever. She is so thoughtful when she does things. She will try opening the gate for me when I’m holding her and she always kisses daddy when she goes to sleep. I hope that she always hold onto her heart to love and serve others. My 10 wishes for Avery above are just the beginning of what I hope and dream for her. As her mommy I will do my best to raise her and teach her and leave the rest to God.

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