Nursing at 17 months

Avery is 17 months today and yes I am still nursing her. She used to only nurse when she woke up, when she went down for a nap and when she fell asleep at night but now she has added a couple times in the night since we have moved into our new home. I understand that this is a huge change for her so I am ok with catering to her needs. I am not going to traumatize my daughter and stop nursing all together because nursing at 17 months isn’t the “norm”. For Avery it is all about comfort. She has never liked a special stuffed animal, blanket, bottles, or pacifiers so I was her soothing method. I love knowing that I can provide my daughter with that sense of comfort and love. I love watching her drift off to sleep while I hold her and nurse at night. I love the extra cuddles I get when she needs some nursing from momma. God has given me the gift of being able to nurse Avery and I truly love it. That doesn’t mean I want to nurse Avery forever but I don’t want to stop nursing until she is ready. I want to go off of how she feels and do my best to make the transition smooth and non eventful. We have decided to ease into weaning Avery. Josh has put her to bed a few times and she loves rubs from him. We are going to start doing this more often and see how things go. I no longer ask her if she wants to nurse, I go off of her body and what she is feeling. I have loved nursing Avery and I will really miss it when we stop but it was only meant to be for a period of time and we will still have our cuddle times which I love! I am truly happy that I have nursed Avery for as long as I have. I have no regrets about it and I hope that our next baby will love nursing as much as Avery did. I do get a little sad when I think about the last time I will nurse Avery but knowing that she is growing up and becoming such a big girl makes me so happy and proud to be her momma.

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