I’m Sorry I Was Wrong

These 5 words are not so easily said in a marriage but they are extremely important. At our wedding our officiant had us each practice saying “I’m sorry I was wrong” in front of everyone at our wedding. It is important to remember that you are not always right and there will be many times that your spouse is right in a situation and vice versa. Practicing saying that we were wrong really started us out on the right path when it comes to disagreeing. Josh and I are not the same person so we do at times have different opinions and think differently. The important thing to remember is how to move forward when you don’t agree or when you were wrong. Rubbing it in the other person’s face when you are right or not admitting that you are wrong is not going to do anything positive for your marriage/relationship. It is important to ALWAYS think about the other person’s feelings. By saying I’m sorry I was wrong to Josh I am showing him that I respect him and that I am acknowledging that he was right. Even only being married a couple weeks Josh and I have had to tell each other that we were wrong. So far it has been little things like the way to set up furniture or what the quickest way to get places was but getting in a habit of admitting to your spouse that you were wrong will benefit you in the long run. It is a lot easier to admit you were right than when you are wrong. Josh and I have no problem saying to each other that we were wrong because we don’t see it as the fact that we weren’t right. We see it as the fact that our other half was right about the situation and we are happy that we both weren’t wrong. Everyone messes up and everyone has flaws. Acknowledging them with your spouse is so important and will help you grow as an individual. I used to always hate when I was wrong but I am learning to be ok with it. A lot of the time I even think if this was Josh what would he do? Josh is the perfect other half for me and I love that we can grow together and learn how to admit when we are wrong.

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