Our move across the country

Josh and I are finally a married couple!!! Being married is the best thing ever! Josh made me feel like the most special and beautiful bride. For those of you that weren’t at our wedding I will be sharing pictures of the special day once our photographer mails them to me. Just 3 days after our wedding we started our journey to our new home in Knoxville, TN. 40 hours of driving in 4 days is no easy task with a toddler! It took a lot of patience and creativity to keep Avery happy and occupied. She did a lot better than I expected though. She had her moments where all she wanted to do was get out of the car but she didn’t have any meltdowns which was a huge blessing! Our first day driving we made it to the South Eastern part of Idaho and that was the hardest night sleeping wise for Avery. She is very much a routine girl and because we weren’t able to do all of her bedtime routine it threw her off a little bit. After another day of driving and staying awake off of Snapple’s we made it to the South Eastern part of Wyoming. This was my favorite day driving. I didn’t realize how pretty Utah and Wyoming was to drive through. The hills were gorgeous and I loved how some of the rocks had different colors in each layer. Looking out at land like that reminded me that God created all of this for us to enjoy and soak in all that he does for us. God truly blessed our trip to Tennessee because we followed where he was leading us. After half of the trip was over I was ready to be in our new house! We made it to Kanas City Missouri the third day which is one of my favorite cities. I had never been there before but my favorite baseball team the Kanas City Royals are there and there is so much to do. One day Josh and I hope to take a long weekend and visit Kanas City again. Thursday morning we were so excited because we knew that this was our last long day of driving and tomorrow morning we would be walking into our new home. After spending the night in Kentucky Thursday night we had only 2 more hours until we got to Knoxville Tennessee. Walking into our house was the best feeling ever. Seeing only pictures of the house made it that much more wonderful walking into it all done for the first time. I would post pictures of our home on the inside but it looks like a giant bomb of boxes went off in our house. So I will be waiting until we unpack most of the boxes to share how gorgeous the inside looks. Thank you everyone who has been praying for our new journey here in Tennessee. Although at times being in a new state is frightening, we know God has planted us here for a reason and we are excited to see what the future holds for us.

our new home

2 thoughts on “Our move across the country

  1. So glad your cross country trip was memorable in a good way!! 🙂 Miss you guys! Let us know when Willis residence is open for visitors! xoxo


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