I’m Sorry I Was Wrong

These 5 words are not so easily said in a marriage but they are extremely important. At our wedding our officiant had us each practice saying “I’m sorry I was wrong” in front of everyone at our wedding. It is important to remember that you are not always right and there will be many times that your spouse is right in a situation and vice versa. Practicing saying that we were wrong really started us out on the right path when it comes to disagreeing. Josh and I are not the same person so we do at times have different opinions and think differently. The important thing to remember is how to move forward when you don’t agree or when you were wrong. Rubbing it in the other person’s face when you are right or not admitting that you are wrong is not going to do anything positive for your marriage/relationship. It is important to ALWAYS think about the other person’s feelings. By saying I’m sorry I was wrong to Josh I am showing him that I respect him and that I am acknowledging that he was right. Continue reading

Our move across the country

Josh and I are finally a married couple!!! Being married is the best thing ever! Josh made me feel like the most special and beautiful bride. For those of you that weren’t at our wedding I will be sharing pictures of the special day once our photographer mails them to me. Just 3 days after our wedding we started our journey to our new home in Knoxville, TN. 40 hours of driving in 4 days is no easy task with a toddler! It took a lot of patience and creativity to keep Avery happy and occupied. She did a lot better than I expected though. She had her moments where all she wanted to do was get out of the car but she didn’t have any meltdowns which was a huge blessing! Our first day driving we made it to the South Eastern part of Idaho and that was the hardest night sleeping wise for Avery. She is very much a routine girl and because we weren’t able to do all of her bedtime routine it threw her off a little bit. After another day of driving and staying awake off of Snapple’s we made it to the South Eastern part of Wyoming. Continue reading

The Romance Phase

Do you remember when you first started dating your spouse? New couples get into a little love bubble that is exciting, romantic and wonderful. You get butterflies with every sweet thing they say and you hardly notice that anyone else is around because you are so focused on your special someone. You try to be perfect and not do anything embarrassing in front of them. This infatuation stage of romance or in love phase is normal and necessary for every relationship. It is fun and exciting for a period of time but it isn’t meant to last forever. When Josh and I first started dating and we were in the infatuation stage nothing he did bothered me. I thought that he was perfect in every way. Obviously that isn’t possible but when you are in that phase everything your boyfriend or girlfriend does you love. I kept telling myself that I would never toot in front of Josh or let him see me all gross in the morning. That has for sure changed! I don’t worry about how my hair looks or my bad breath in the morning because I know he truly loves me for me. When Josh and I started to get more and more comfortable with each other we truly got to know each other. I learned that no matter what I say Josh will almost always leave his clothes on the bathroom floor. And he learned that I will almost always need to make a list for the day and that I am not one that can sit around a lot and do nothing because I get too antsy. There are times that we disagree but we communicate a lot better now that we are settled and more comfortable in our relationship. There are phases of a relationship just like there are phases of everything else. Without going through an infatuation phase you don’t get to the best part of the relationship; the true lifelong lasting love! I loved the way I felt when we first started dating but the place we are in now is a million times better. Even though I don’t always love everything Josh does I love him and everything seems so small compared to that.