Enjoying Every minute

Saying, “time flies” is a phrase that a lot of people know but how often do we actually stop and take in the moments? Enjoying every minute is so important especially as a parent. I never understood how fast a child grows up until I had one of my own. In my head, my daughter, Avery started to roll over just a week ago, when it reality it was a year ago. When Avery grows up and no longer depends on me for everything I will miss the little moments. I will miss when she walks over to me and squeezes me like she hasn’t seen me for a month. I will miss her sweet little kisses and the way she smells when I cuddle her. I will miss holding her in my arms while she is sleeping wishing I could hold her like that forever. A child is the most precious gift from God and we need to make sure we enjoy our little ones every moment of every day. At night when I look back at the day I realize that I can get too caught up in getting things done or planning for tomorrow instead of taking that extra few minutes to cuddle my baby or read her favorite book just one more time. Every minute is important. Then again only spending time with your child or children and accomplishing nothing else isn’t healthy either. There needs to be a balance in life. Balance between getting things done, time with your kids, time with your spouse and time for yourself is key. Take in the moments and don’t let life or your worries control you. Just like it says in Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” This is something that I battle with on a regular basis and it is always important to remind myself that life is meant to be enjoyed not worried about. I am so blessed to have a wonderful daughter and an amazing fiancé so I need to take that in and enjoy them. Don’t let whatever is going on in your life control you or your time. Figure out what the most important things are focus on those. Life is wonderful! Enjoy it 🙂

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